I'm an innovation-driven entrepreneur, focused on using new technology to solve problems for businesses and users in delightful ways.

I bring a deep, hands-on knowledge of design and engineering to the level of product development and brand strategy. In the early phases of a project, I provide business and creative strategy for ideation, research, market analysis, prototyping, and systems architecture. And whether developing the final product myself, or building a team from my network of experienced collaborators, I oversee the entire process from napkin sketch to shipped and refined.

Recently, I’ve been particularly interested in the potential for new kinds of contextual computing being enabled by smartphones, wearables, and the internet of things. And gaming, geolocation, and over-the-top television are consistent themes in my work.

I've worked across a variety of industries to deliver cutting-edge experiences in mobile, social, gaming, wearables, television, & connected devices.