Socially Connected Blu-Ray Viewing

HBO approached us with an audacious challenge: they wanted to extend the fiction of True Blood to Facebook for their best fans — the ones who bought the Blu-ray. We developed True Blood Live Feed, a groundbreaking integration of Blu-ray with Facebook, and an early pioneer in social TV.

Through a simple pairing process, users could quickly tie their Facebook account to their Blu-ray players. Behind the scenes, we vampirized their profile picture, and posted a unique status update every time they started watching. Virtual gifts were unlocked at key moments in the show. Updates to the official fan page would appear during the opening credits. And, most importantly, users could share particularly juicy scenes right to their Facebook wall with a press of a button on their Blu-ray remote.

The fans were estatic: record numbers of Blu-ray owners used the feature, sharing so heavily that many hit their personal Facebook limits, generating millions of impressions of True Blood content on Facebook.

Live Feed went on to win a CLIO, a Webby, & one of the first Facebook Studio awards.