International Mobile & Social Strategy

In late 2012, Molson Coors asked me to provide research and strategy consulting to assess expanding their mobile and social media campaigns internationally, in China, Russia and Ukraine, and parts of Latin America. While they were already selling beer in these markets, all of their advertising had thus far been focused on print, TV, and OOH. They were seeing great success with digital in the US, but needed to understand the cultural differences and technology penetration for these emerging markets.

I developed a comprehensive report for Molson Coors, providing in-depth analysis of each market, and backed by solid data on historical and projected platform adoption. This was followed up with tactical recommendations and content strategy tailored to each market, complete with creative concepts which could be executed in the near, middle, and long term to build the brand.

The report was presented at the 2012 MCA global conference, and continues to inform their global strategy for mobile and social media.