Social Sweepstakes

Faced with bold moves on social by their competitors, Orbitz wanted to quickly grow their fan base on Facebook, and ramp up communications channels before the summer travel season. They turned to Socialbomb to help craft Orbitz 50 Faves — a social gaming sweepstakes that rewards players for recruiting their friends into the fold.

For each friend who liked Orbitz and signed up, a player received one "bid" per day to place in a virtual ticket bowl for any of 50 hand-picked vacations. By awarding new bids daily, we encouraged users to visit the Orbitz page on a regular basis, and by offering bonuses and exclusive vacations to strategic players, we built a sense of community and excitement.

50 days later, entries were closed, the winners were chosen, and Orbitz had a huge new fan base. It worked so well, Orbitz 50 Faves has become an annual tradition!